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Back the Badge, Yuba Sutter is a nonprofit dedicated to providing advocacy, resources, and support to our law enforcement and their families. We honor local law enforcement and strive to further grow the relationship between law enforcement officers and the community they serve. We are members who are ready to deploy in times of crisis to assist our LEOs and their families. 

Our Mission

To ensure support to our law enforcement community through education, inspiration and community partnership. We strive to promote and encourage a community that supports our blue family. 

Our Mission

Values & Goals

  • Strengthen the quality of life for our LEOs and their families. 

  • Promote a community that supports LEOs in a time of adversity

  • Create positive relationships with local law enforcement agencies

  • To ensure peer support is available for all LEOs and their families

  • To provide support and compassion to LEO families through conferences

  • To fundraise money to provide resources to our LEOs and their families supporting trauma/critical incidents, injury, or LODD

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